Programs and Events (活动)

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2017-18 Events


  • Law 101 seminar Sunday 6/10@3-5pm
Address: New York Life 4/F Conference Room,
777 Westchester Avenue, 4th Floor, White Plains, NY 10604
By former federal prosecutor Cynthia Dunne.
Topics to cover:
The federal and state legal system – equal protection, due process
Different branches of the system
The court system
•What do lawyers do.
To discuss the recent legislative development on 
•Asian sub-division,
•Gun control,
•Marijuana legalization


  • 2018 Spring Youth Concert (At JCC center on May 13)

第一场 2pm - 3pm:      5 - 7 岁,每人2分钟表演时间,总共20位

第二场 3:30pm - 4:30pm: 8 - 11 岁,每人3分钟表演时间,总共15位

第三场 5pm - 6pm:      12 岁以上,每人4分钟表演时间,总共12位




  •   李长青医生 Wellness Seminar (April 28 2018) 

李长青医生, 山东大学齐鲁医院消化内科副主任医师,医学博士。发表学术论文10余篇,出版《假如我们不吃饭》科普书籍一部。热心科普公益,常年撰写科普文章,科学猫头鹰特约作者。参与创建健康中国人网站。

1. 消化道是什么?
2. 两种不同的胃病?
3. 胃病怎么吃?
4. 中医与胃病。


  •  Tax Seminar 中美税务讲座 (March 30, 2018 and April 14, 2018)

By Grace Gui and Yi she.

1. 美国税务体制总体介绍. Trump 税改对美国老移民,新移民和外国投资者在个人税收上有什么影响?

2. 什么是美国肥咔条款及全球CRS?如何利用多种架构做到最优的全球资产配置?如果用信托接受中国父母海外赠与?

3. 美国常见的信托及慈善基金会介绍. 如何在税务上做好规划?

3. 在美国申请公司的利弊分析。应该在哪个州注册公司?费用及税收都有什么注意事项?




  •  College application seminar

On March 25, we invited college advisor 左贞 to give a speech on college application and also invited a couple of high school students to talk about their high school experience. We first started with high school students talking about middle school to high school transition and other high school experience before passing on to Ms. 左贞.


  •  Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year celebration has successfully completed on Saturday Mar. 3 at Scarsdale congregational church(SCC)! There were two parts of the celebration:

Session 1 - Cultural presentation and performances in the afternoon(@2-4pm) opening to the scarsdale village geared towards promoting Chinese culture to our neighbors outside of the Chinese community.

Session 2 - Lantern festival dinner in the evening(@5:30-9pm) serving SCA members with food and performances!







  • Interior Designer Seminar

    Interior designers from Ethan Allen are invited to present us the following topics with real life examples from their showroom at 10:30am on 1/19/2017.

    • Fashions Influence on Home Furnishings
    • Color Theory
    • Developing a Design Strategy
    • The Importance of Accents



  • Financial Planning Seminar 

    Michelle S. Florence, a resident at Scarsdale, presented a seminar on financial planning on Friday 12/8 10am-12pm. Below are topics to cover and her bio:  

    1. Tax Diversification planning for W2 income earners, as well as business owners.
    2. Family and income protection.
    3.  Asset allocations.

    With more than 10 years of diverse background and experiences in banking, finance, and business development, Michelle Florence joined New York Life Westchester General Office as a Financial Advisor. In 2015, Michelle was awarded Agent of the Year, working primarily in affluent market. In addition, she made a qualifying member of Million Dollar Round Table, representing top 1% of financial services professionals in the world.
    In 2016, Michelle was promoted to Partner, and honored with “Top Partner” award.
    Michelle has a B.A. in Finance and Business and a M.B.A. She is also bilingual, fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English. 


  • Skin Care Seminar 

    We are honored to have our neighbor Sherry Zhao, PHD in chemistry, to give us a Skin Care seminar at Jeffery room of Scarsdale Library! 

    Sherry Zhao 从18岁竟入大学校门尝试了一套日系护肤品后,开始了护肤美容的探索之路,加上化学博士对护肤成份特别的理解分析,自创了一套护肤理念.

    - 日常护肤

    - 提升

    - 增白

    - 除皱


    Date/Time: Friday, October 6, 2017 12:30pm – 2:30pm

    Place: Scarsdale Library




    Date/Time: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 FROM 2:15 PM TO 4:30 PM.